A True Taste of India


“Ginger Garlic's cosy dining room, dominated by large Mogul Court paintings and the elephant headed god Ganesh, might be lost in a mini arcade off Eltham's Dudley Street, but locals have been trooping here since 1992”                          
 "Ginger Garlic - Champagne food and service!"
Been heading down to Ginger Garlic since it first opened in 1992! If you look up the word delicious in the dictionary there is a picture of Ginger Garlic as the definition! Absolutely magnificent and hubby n wife team hosts Ashok and Ritu are really nice people! Ashok has a very dry sense of humor and lightning fast wit so beware! If I had a dollar for every meal I've eaten here I reckon I could retire! - Max Melbourne.
“In a suburb better known for its mud-brick houses than a haven for foodies, Ginger Garlic is an Eltham Institution.” “Ginger Garlic has been delighting Eltham locals for 19 years as well as drawing customers from much afar.” “ A swag of local business awards and accolades from food critics are just the start. I can’t think of another restaurant that takes its regulars on a food tour of India…..”                        
"Great Food"
Best Indian food in Australia, definitely we will be regulars!!! Service, food great! - Sharon & Andrew Melbourne
“Innovations earn GINGER GARLIC much praise and many loyal patrons”
Dine outs will never be the same - Your food was and is fantastic! I will be back for more, a delight for all the senses. Thank you. - Angela Melbourne
“A Suburban Eatery that stands out from the crowd.”
"A local Institution"
Ginger Garlic is a local institution well known all over the country for their fine cuisine. Ginger garlic blends their flavoursome spices to create mouth watering dishes of the highest quality. I highly recommend allowing Ashok and Ritu to create an order for your table so you can share the food and get the most out of the visit. I have yet to find anything too hot on their menu. If you want heat, ask, and they will bring you a small bowl you can add yourself. I recommend the lamb shank, the meat drips off the bone and is a table favourite. - Al Melbourne
“Do you dress up in eighties garb or as Captain Stubbing from The Love Boat? At tiny, elegant GG ‘Theme Night’ means a rolling list of tailored menus”                          
"We could only say that they were both fantastic.  Wonderful hosts, fabulous accommodation the best food and one of the most interesting countries we have been to in the world.   We could only tell people to go and enjoy this wonderful experience". Peter & Jenny- Gold Coast
"Warm welcome and authentic food"
Ginger Garlic is a restaurant in an outdoor shopping centre in Eltham that we have visited many times. In the winter, the tables are crammed in close; in the summer, some of them are moved outside to the paving area to create more space.
The moment you walk in, you'll be hit by the aroma of fried cumin and the sounds of sizzling from the kitchen. You will be shown to your table and handed a bewildering menu that seems to have been put together at random. Please don't worry - everything in it is delicious.
The owners are charming and run annual trips to India for their customers. Apparently they come back with their favourite recipes from each trip to add to the Ginger Garlic menu. Ginger Garlic is very affordable, allows byo wine, and serves top class food. What's not to like? - Quelian Melbourne
“With its vibrant setting and extensive menu, with dishes from far-flung corners of India, the pungent aromas of curries draws patrons to Ginger Garlic.” “Owners Ashok & Ritu welcome those who worship Indian cuisine, as well as those who have yet to experience it, to a foodie trip to India….”      
Absolutely delicious - melt in your mouth - literally - thank you. - Rebecca Sydney
“Grab your guidebook and pack your passport. From an unassuming corner of Eltham Coles car park, Ginger Garlic whirls you through a subcontinent-sized menu. Your tour guides are the warm, gracious owners-who also run bi-annual tours to India…BEST IN ITS CLASS
"What a Find"
A treasure to find! Wonderful meal, flavours and service. Will come again! Thank you!!! - Dennis & Hilary New Zealand
“In the heart of leafy Eltham and far removed from the hustle & bustle of Punjab, Ginger Garlic is not your average Indian Eatery. The food is as diverse & eclectic as India itself. The owners.....will soon take a group of Ginger Garlic regulars on a tour to India, complete with games of polo on elephant back, moonlit banquets in sand dunes and staying in palaces, to get a true “Taste of India”.
"Worth the Trip"
We travelled all the way from St. Kilda for the best Indian food in Melbourne, what an asset to Eltham always so good! - Wendy Melbourne.