A True Taste of India


INDIA...A country which enchants you with her beauty and diversity, delights you with her colourful pageantry, enriches you with her culture, stuns you with her modernity, embraces you with her warmth, and over-whelms you with her hospitality.
A land where the ancient and the contemporary exist side by side, where thousands of brilliant images fill the soul with wonder and where quaint and startling contradictions juxtapose to lend an extraordinary vitality, texture and poetry to life.
Imagine yourself transported back a couple of centuries.
Taj Mahal from entrance.jpgTaj Mahal Reflecting Pool.jpgTours 7.jpgNew Delhi 1.jpgTours 13.jpgNew Delhi 2.jpgNew Delhi 3.jpgTours 1.jpgUdaipur 1.jpgUdaipur 2.jpgTours 2.jpgUdaipur 3.jpgUdaipur 4.jpgUdaipur 5.jpgRohet 1.jpgJodhpur 1.jpgTours 12.jpgTours 3.jpgJaipur 1.jpgJaipur 2.jpgChatrasagar 1.jpgChatrasagar 2.jpgChatrasagar 3.jpgChatrasagar 4.jpg
January 2017 Tour Images
Imagine being waited upon and served a banquet with fluid grace by an army of turbaned bearers. Imagine being a king for a day. Imagine living in a palace!
This is one fantasy that you can fulfil!!
By joining a small group from GINGER GARLIC travelling to India.
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