Ginger Garlic


It’s more than food,It’s an experience

Welcome !

Eltham's Most Loved !

Ginger Garlic Is A Collective Of Amazing People Striving To Build Delightful Indian Cuisine.

Based out of Eltham, owners Lorraine and Steffan from the hospitality background welcome you to enjoy comfortable and memorable dining experiences at the restaurant.


Breakfast - 9AM to 11:30 AM (Sat & Sun)
Open on Thursday for Lunch
Mon - Sun : 5PM to 10PM
Closed on Public Holidays

Our Menu

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

From avant-garde fusion to old-school homage, Our menu at Ginger Garlic promise a memorable meal.

Garlic Prawns

Tiger prawns, garlic-based Mughlai sauce, garnished with fresh green coriander.


Traditional Hyderabadi Biryani, Marinated tender pieces of chicken with Fried Onions Mint and Coriander


Dices of tender chicken marinated and cooked a finger licking rogani sauce garnished with fresh coriander

Gulab Jamun

Home-made golden brown sweet dumplings with a light cardamom flavor.



Rich carrot pudding garnished with sultanas and pista nuts - one of the most popular desserts in Northern India.

It's more than food, It's an experience

Theme Nights !

Every Wednesdays, Thursday & Sunday

We pride ourself from being a home away from home, so you know Ginger Garlic, Eltham is going to pull all stops when you drop in to our themed nights.

Happy Customers!

“In a suburb better known for its mud-brick houses than a haven for foodies, Ginger Garlic is an Eltham Institute- tion.” “Ginger Garlic has been delighting Eltham locals for 29 years as well as drawing customers from much afar.” “A swag of local business awards and accolades from food critics are just the start. I can’t think of an- other restaurant that takes its regulars on a food tour of India…..”​

“In the heart of leafy Eltham and far removed from the hustle & bustle of Punjab, Ginger Garlic is not your average Indian Eatery. The food is as diverse & electic as India itself. The owners..... will soon take a group of Ginger Garlic regulars on a tour to India, complete with games of polo on elephant back, moonlit banquets in sand dunes and staying in palaces, to get a true “Taste of India”. ​

"Do you dress up in eighties garb or as Captain Stub- bing from The Love Boat? At tiny, elegant GG ‘Theme Night’ means a rolling list of tailored menus” ​

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